Discover Four Different Types of Coffee from Around the World

Discover Four Different Types of Coffee from Around the World

It goes without saying, but coffee is one of the world's most loved beverages. It’s so loved that some people go absolutely feral when it comes to choosing the type of coffee they drink or when deciding what’s the world’s best coffee. 

Nothing unites (and also divides) people quite like coffee does, and it can only be compared to the love some have for their favorite sports team, college, and even country. If you’re trying to figure out what all the rage is about, here’s our quick guide to the best types of coffee from around the world.

Types of Coffee Beans

Before we look at the different coffees from various countries, let’s start with the basics, the coffee bean itself. The coffee we drink comes from two beans: arabica coffee beans and robusta coffee beans

Arabica is widely (ahem, falsely) considered to be the "superior" coffee bean. It’s known for its sweet and delicate flavor profile. Robusta coffee on the other hand is a more robust and full-bodied coffee, with a stronger flavor profile. 

Along with flavor, another difference between arabica and robusta coffee beans is where the two plants are grown. For instance, arabica thrives in higher and cooler climates, whereas robusta plants are sturdier and can grow in harder climates.

Pic of coffee beans on map
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Different Types of Coffee Around the World

As you would expect, different countries grow different types of coffee beans depending on the altitude and climate, and the coffee from each country tastes entirely unique. Here are the four most well-known coffee-producing countries in the world.

1. Brazil 

We’re starting off strong with Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producer. Brazilian coffee has a sweet and nutty flavor, that’s almost chocolatey, with a smooth finish. Brazil specializes in the production of arabica coffee beans which flourish in the cool misty mountains of Brazil. Due to their smooth flavor, these beans are also widely used as the base in different espresso blends to enhance the final product.

Green coffee beans from Brazil
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2. Vietnam 

You can think of Vietnamese coffee as the exact opposite of Brazilian coffee, it’s also our favorite type of coffee, but we could be slightly biased. Vietnam is the largest producer of robusta coffee, as well as the second largest coffee producer in the world! The coffee grown here is strong and full-bodied with a sharp flavor. It’s best enjoyed as a cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced coffee) when combined with sweetened condensed milk which complements the bitterness of the coffee.

3. Colombia 

Colombia is another country that specializes in growing arabica beans. Colombian coffee is renowned for its rich and smooth flavor, and is one of the most widely exported coffees in the world. Colombia is said to have the perfect growing conditions, which is why it should come as no surprise that UNESCO declared the "Coffee Cultural Landscape" of Colombia, a World Heritage site! This coffee has a floral flavor and these beans work well whether you enjoy a dark roast or light roast coffee.

4. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. Legend has it that a goat herder named Kaldi noticed the energizing properties of coffee after his goats ate these berries and they became so energetic that they couldn’t sleep! While we don’t know how true this story may be, one thing is for certain – Ethiopian coffee is as strong as it is flavorful. This coffee has a distinct flavor that is due to its unique growing conditions, expect to drink a medium-bodied coffee that has bright fruity and floral notes and high acidity. 

Coffee beans from ethiopia
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In conclusion, coffee is a truly global beverage, with a rich and diverse history that spans many cultures and continents. Whether you prefer rich, full-bodied blends or bright, fruity single-origin varieties, there's coffee out there for every palate. So, next time you're in the mood for a cup of coffee, consider trying one of these unique and flavorful blends from around the world.

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