The Sang Story

Getting Here
Meet Lan

My name is Lan Pham. I'm a 1st-generation Vietnamese-American. That's baby me in my (stylish!) red jumpsuit shortly after my large extended family of 11 was reunited fresh from our separate refugee camps.

Family Pride
Growing up

My relationship to my heritage was challenged growing up. It took time—and the confidence that comes with developing my own independence—to embrace the strong ties I have with my history and my native culture.

Today I feel so much pride when I think of my roots and the strength and character of people like my mom who single-handedly managed our epic journey.

The future looks bright
Hello Sang!

I started SANG (meaning 'bright' in Vietnamese) as a way to share my favorite flavors of Vietnam in modern & convenient ways. Our first product is a ready-to-drink Vietnamese Coffee with special options for our vegan friends and black coffee drinkers. Please give us a try and let us know what you think!

Oh, and BTW, my list of more flavor-packed surprises keeps sign up and stay tuned for new product drops!

xo, Lan

Coffee's On!
The time is now for sippin' on sang