Here are 7 Iced Coffees from Around the World that You Need to Try!

Iced coffee in a glass

There are two types of people in the world: those who like hot coffee and those who like cold coffee, and it’s safe to say that we’re most definitely part of the latter. 

One of the many reasons why we LOVE this bev is that there are so many versions of it from around the world, each with its unique flavor and texture.

So, to celebrate the start of summer and iced coffee season (and because we jump at any given chance to talk about iced coffee) here are 

 7 delicious iced coffees from around the world that you'll love!

1. Oliang, Thailand

Oliang, better known as Thai iced coffee, is a popular drink that’s served all over the country. Many mistake Thai coffee for being the same as Vietnamese iced coffee, however, they're quite different. 

Oliang is made by brewing medium-roasted coffee beans with some spices in a cafeteria, and then blending it with a mix of evaporated and condensed milk. This drink is milky, sweet, and tasty, it’s also the perfect thing to wash down all that spicy food!

Glass of iced coffee
Picture courtesy of Ben Moreland via Unsplash​​

2. Eiskaffee, Germany

Eiskaffee is one of those drinks that tastes as good as it sounds. This German iced coffee is made by pouring strong coffee over a scoop (or two, we don’t judge) of vanilla ice cream and is then topped off with milk or a dollop of whipped cream. The result is a deliciously creamy and sweet drink with a subtle coffee flavor. Eiskaffee is great to have on a hot summer day, and you can make it even more indulgent by adding some chocolate syrup or flavoring of your choice for some extra flavor. 

German iced coffee
Picture courtesy of Jennifer Pallian via Unsplash​​

3. Cà phê sữa đá, Vietnam

Did you really think we’d have a list of iced coffees from around the world and not mention our favorite? Vietnamese iced coffee is the Beyoncé of cold coffee. This ngon (tasty) drink combines potent robusta coffee beans (brewed using a phin) with creamy and luxurious condensed milk. The result is a potent drink that is strong yet sweet. If you’d like to get a taste of an authentic cà phê sữa đá, snag some ready-to-drink Vietnamese iced coffee and discover this delicious tradition.

4. Mocha Cola, Brazil

In need of a caffeine kick? Look no further than this Brazilian iced coffee that contains both coffee and Coca-Cola to make one potent drink! Mocha Cola (as it’s aptly named) is a cross between a strong cold brew and a root beer float. It’s made by combining coffee with cola (or any other carbonated drink of choice) and topped with whipped cream. The cola adds sweetness to the drink, but strangely, it highlights the coffee flavor – this is definitely a must-try if you’re feeling adventurous. 

5. Affogato, Italy

An Affogato is similar to a German iced coffee, but it’s stronger and technically, it’s a dessert! You can make this by pouring a strong shot of espresso over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This coffee-drenched ice cream is luxurious and indulgent, and it’s the perfect way to end any Italian meal. If you’re making this at home, we recommend you experiment with different flavors of ice cream! 

Glass of affogato
Picture courtesy of​​ Ieva Kisunaite via Unsplash

6. Yuanyang, Hong Kong

Can't choose between tea and coffee? Well, then Yuanyang, also known as Hong Kong-style coffee-tea, is the perfect drink for you. Typically made by combining equal parts of coffee and black tea, and sweetened with condensed milk, this refreshing drink has the strong flavor of coffee and the smoothness of tea with a creamy finish. Hong Kong also has a regular iced coffee that’s made with sweetened coffee and served over ice with milk or cream.

7. Mazagran, Algeria

Finally, we end this list with what is believed to be the world’s first-ever rendition of iced coffee - Mazagran. Named after a fortress in the coastal town of Algeria, this drink was being drunk by French colonists who were occupying the territory, but there are also other versions of it in Portugal and Austria. This drink is made by combining coffee with lemon juice and sugar, and served over ice, and tastes very similar to a classic iced tea. Other variations of the drink include mint leaves and rum for an extra kick.

In our opinion, the only way to drink coffee is as iced coffee. There’s no other drink that’s refreshing, energizing, and totally delicious, and any version you try will be unique and tasty. Snag a case of SANG ready-to-drink Vietnamese iced coffee to experience this delish tradition, and to discover your new favorite iced coffee!