The 10 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Christmas Coffee

Making a cup of coffee is deeply personal. From the beans used to the way the coffee is brewed, each coffee differs from person to person. If you’re wondering what to give a loved one who is obsessed with coffee, we’ve put together the ultimate list of gifts for coffee aficionados!

From ngon (tasty) coffee subscriptions to coffee brewing tools, read on as we go explore the 10 best gifts for coffee lovers

1. Coffee Beans

The first one may be pretty obvious, but one of the best gifts for coffee lovers is a bag of high-quality coffee beans or grounds. Instead of opting for coffee beans from their favorite roasters, we suggest you get them something different. While it can be pretty daunting choosing coffee blends for someone else, so do some research like where the coffee is grown and what type of coffee your friend enjoys. We recommend robusta coffee grown in Vietnam, but hey, that’s just our opinion.

Coffee beans in cup
Picture courtesy of Alin Luna via Unsplash

2. A Coffee Grinder

Freshly ground coffee beans are essential for a great cup of coffee. A coffee grinder is the gift that keeps on giving. The Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder is an excellent option. It has a sleek design and with 12 adjustable grind settings it’s super versatile as you can go from finely ground beans for Espresso to coarsely ground beans ideal French Press with ease. But if you want something a little more simple, you can opt for a hand-held coffee grinder.

3. A Stylish Travel Mug

If you’re always on the go (and honestly who isn’t?) then a good travel coffee mug or tumbler is essential for enjoying a hot cup of coffee on the go. Look for a mug that is both stylish and functional, with features like double-walled insulation to keep coffee hot for longer, a spill-proof lid, and a comfortable handle. The YETI Rambler is a great option. 

4. A Coffee Subscription Service

A coffee subscription service is a gift that keeps on giving – like a Viet más love. With a subscription, your coffee-loving friend or family member will receive fresh coffee every month, week or however frequently they want/need their coffee! Totally not a shameless plug or anything like that at all… But SANG has a great subscription. If you gift a loved one a SANG Coffee Subscription, they’re guaranteed a fresh batch of Vietnamese coffee every month – and who wouldn't love that?! 

SANG Vietnamese Coffee

5. A Coffee Table Book

For the coffee lover who also loves to read, a coffee table book is a great gift option. Look for books with beautiful photos and interesting stories. You’ll get extra points if the book is on Vietnamese coffee & coffee culture – but hey, that’s up to you!

6. A High-Quality Coffee Maker, Espresso Machine, or a Phin

For the serious coffee lover, a high-quality coffee maker or espresso machine is a gift that will be appreciated for years to come. If you’re feeling extra generous this year, look for a machine that has features like programmable brewing or a built-in grinder. However, this can be pricey, and our más would not approve of you breaking the bank just to brew a good cup of coffee. That’s why we recommend a phin if you’re thinking of gifting a coffee brewing tool. A phin is simple, sturdy and makes a STRONG cup of coffee – so what’s not to love?

Vietnamese Phin filter

7. Coffee Art

Okay, we’re sorry for the basic bitch recommendation, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a liiiiiittle basic sometimes! Coffee art is quirky, aesthetic and pretty diverse. From a painting or print to a bag made from reclaimed coffee bean sacks, we’re sure you can find a piece of coffee art that your loved one will appreciate.

8. A Scented Candle

It’s no secret that there’s something so special about the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It’s both calming and invigorating, and it makes you feel like you’re about to have a good day – and that’s the kind of positivity with need in like TBH. Oh, and their house will smell AMAZING and cozy which is just what you need during the cold winter months.

9. The Ember Smart Mug 2

Has this ever happened: you make a fresh cup of coffee, take a sip, burn your tongue, set the coffee aside to cool down, completely forget about it, and then you either have to drink stale cold coffee? Well, the Ember Smart Mug 2 is perfect. With a long battery life, the mug keeps your drink at your preferred temperature for up to 80 minutes! You’ll never have to have a shitty cup of room temp coffee ever again.

Ember Mug 2
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10. Coffee-Flavored Treats

A coffee infused homemade treat is a wonderful gift idea. From coffee-infused chocolate to coffee-flavored cookies, this would be a nice gift to give your loved one. Baked good also go really well with a cuppa, that's just perfect. 

Ultimately, the best gifts always come from the heart, unless they’re in little red envelopes (IYKYK). So, whether you make some coffee-infused cookies or gift a SANG coffee subscription, it’s the thought that counts and your friend will love it regardless.